Mental Health Education:
Tips for Wellness

Todays world of mental health treatment, recovery and wellness has changed. It has become more holistic in scope and more open to complimentary approaches. The world of mental health has opened to exploring the benefits of a full continuum of wellness care which includes prevention of illness, promotion of well-being and reduction of stigma.

We can see by the current movement toward holistic health, self-help and peer support that there are many spikes on the wheel that point toward health and well-being at a person’s core. The resources on this page reflect and highlight many of those spikes on the wheel which lead toward wellness.

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We’ve Got a Fresh New Look!

If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll notice that it looks a little different. With a tip of the hat to the mind-body connection, we have integrated a mandala symbol into our branding. All mandalas are based on a circle, and then infused with other designs (geometric, floral, etc) to form a deeper meaning. As they have become increasingly popular for their countless meditative and relaxation benefits, we thought the mandala was the perfect fit for our Mental Health Education Resource Centre.

Mental Health Education Resource Centre Mandala White